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Book Review

My son absolutely ADORES this book. He isn’t even 2 yet and I start reading ‘I went to…’ and he’s yelling ‘Mass’ before I can. He continues naming all the things we see as I read it.

Now at Mass when he gets restless, I whisper in his ear, ‘I went to Mass. What did I see?” and he immediately looks around for the priest, crucifix, altar, etc.

Beautiful, simple illustrations through this book go perfectly with the toddler friendly story.

We have a TON of Catholic kids’ books but this is an absolute toddler favorite.


Book Review

We’ve collected Catholic books for 7 years and this one is my favorite! It’s a beautiful book that is a treat to hold. The colors are bright and cheerful and the illustrations are the right balance of detail.

The book doesn’t feel preachy or instructional. It’s completely enjoyable (as a book in general, not just ‘for a religious book’)! This is best read during regular reading times or before Mass. But get this
book. The context will help little ones integrate the meaning and experience of the Mass so much more than any other single book I’ve seen. I will probably be purchasing it as birthday gifts for my 3-5 yo friends from now on.

Aaron S.

Book Review
We love the First Faith Treasury books in our family! We have them in our diaper bag to take to church, at home in our book bin, and we’ve given them as gifts for Baptisms, baby showers, and to our parish for the pews.

These books will not disappoint you. So cute; a lovely way to keep truth in even the littlest hands.


Book Review
Both my daughter and I loved this book. She read it to me three days in a row. And has already shared it with her friends down the street. It is a fantastic read.

The illustrations are wonderful. The style is both bright and vibrant. The book ends with a litany that is great to pray and use to help your child create their own. This book was an instant family hit. It is great for the young ones in your life. And as a reminded to all of us, to strive to be saints. We highly recommend it.


Book Review
The best Catholic book in our library – hands down!

We have already read it over 30 times. My child has it memorized and declared it his favorite of the ‘Jesus books’. He is asking questions about apostles and wanting to know more about patriarchs and how they help us to understand more about Jesus and God’s plan.

We are so impressed by the way this book captures the beauty, goodness, and truth of the Catholic Church and salvation history in a way that is succinct and kid-accessible WITHOUT watering anything down.

We have a lot of Catholic children’s books in our family library, and this is one that I will be purchasing again for friends and family. It is a beautiful tool for a family trying to evangelize their own little domestic church, and the breathtaking illustrations of stained glass windows are a wonderful entry point for children to begin learning more about the stories we tell through sacred art in our churches.


Book Review
Not your typical saint book for young children. It’s better!!

We LOVE this book. It is a board book of saint quotes with simple but engaging images of the featured saints. The quotes are beautiful and convey the virtues you want to instill in your child.

This book is not an entry level bio to the saints, as it’s designed to be short and keep the attention span of young kids. I love that they took a different angle and used quotes that capture the essence of the saints lives/teachings that convey the morals and virtues I want to teach my children.


Book Review

The First Faith Treasury books are all so good, and this might just be my favorite.

I love a picture book that speaks as much to me as it does to my children. The illustrations are gorgeous and inclusive, while the text brings the Bible to life in a way my kids can access easily. My ten-year-old and three-year old are equally delighted by this. We already practice midday quiet time, and this book helps take that to the next level. Highly recommend.

Lindsay S.

Book Review
Our 2-year-old son knows half, all, or somewhere in between of every prayer in this book.

Since the day we opened it, he demanded that we read every prayer every night. Simply by listening, he has grown in only a couple of months to the point where he uses it as his “Sacramentary” from which he recites his prayers while he plays Mass with his altar kit.

Such a great catechetical tool for toddlers.

Matt S.

Book Review

The Word of the Lord is so ideal, in that we can tote it to Mass with us and have [our daughter] look at the beautiful pictures while whispering the verses to her. Scripture is so vital to our daily life as Catholics.

Highly recommend for any home with small children!


Book Review
This is my favorite Catechism for my preschoolers and toddlers. Our family reads the Catechism together every day, and this board book is treasured by my children during that time.

I love that it’s arranged to follow the 4 pillars of the CCC. The illustrations add to the depth of the book.

The best thing about this book is the way it speaks straight to the hearts of my kids!

Sara E.

First Faith Treasury children’s books are favorites of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd catechists, other authors, parents, godparents, grandparents, teachers…and, most importantly, kids!

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