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As parents, and an author (Katie) and illustrator (Meg), we love our collection of children’s books at home. As passionate Catholic parents, we also wish for our children to be steeped in the words of Scripture, the Catechism, and the saints from the moment we first open a book and introduce them to the joy of reading. We want them to fall in love with whimsical, colorful images that bring the truth, goodness, and beauty of our faith to life in their little minds and hearts!

These hopes inspired us to create the Catholic Child’s First Faith Treasury, which we are so excited to share with little children everywhere. They are as attractive and fun as the bestsellers in today’s children’s book market, but they are filled with words that can bring our children peace in their times of trouble, hope amidst worry, or joy in their everyday adventures. These books will inspire your children to find comfort and wisdom in God’s Word, be their best selves, and begin their Christian walk as one of Christ’s littlest disciples.

We hope you enjoy planting these seeds of faith in your children through this unique new series!

Some reasons why you’ll love the
First Faith Treasury books:

We’re calling them the perfect “Mass bag” books – great catechetical content for the littlest Catholic mass-goers in an easy-to-carry size for parents.

The books contain direct quotes from Scripture (let’s bust the myth that Catholics don’t memorize Scripture and start them young!), the Catechism, the saints, and other Church documents to allow children to listen to and soak in gospel truth from infancy through kindergarten (though we’ve actually found older kids & parents are also loving these books for memorization work, too)!

The illustrations use imagery from the history of the Church’s art to not only introduce young eyes to the beauty and richness of sacred art, but also familiarize them with common depictions of the saints and scenes from salvation history, giving them the ability to recognize these images when they see them in churches and museums.

Currently there is no series of basic, first-opportunity catechesis for very little ones. This series changes that!

The books are both reflective, prayerful, and formative and informative…not to mention fun.

The passages in each book are carefully chosen for retention, inspiration, and primary faith formation.

The words and pictures are meant to help young children develop an early recognition of and love for Jesus and the Catholic Church He founded.

The books are perfect for gifting! They make great baby shower gifts, baptism gifts, birthday gifts, or anytime gifts for your child, grandchild, godchild, niece, nephew, or friend.

About Katie

Katie Warner, full-time Catholic wife and mom of three, has extensive experience sharing the

Catholic faith – through writing, speaking, and teaching. It’s her passion to share resources, strategies, tips, and tools with others who want to live out an active, vibrant faith with those they love. Through her popular KatieWarner.com website and online platform, she offers creative resources to raise faith-filled families.

Katie is author of the book, Head & Heart: Becoming Spiritual Leaders for Your Family, and a popular prayer journal series, the most well-known being A Parent Who Prays: A Journal to Guide You in Praying for Your Children (there are also versions for grandparents, godparents, and confirmation sponsors). She holds a graduate degree in Catholic Theology from the Augustine Institute, is a correspondent for the National Catholic Register, as well as a national Catholic speaker and TV segment host. Katie is the Communication Manager for a Catholics Come Home, an international media apostolate that invites fallen-away Catholics and others home to the Church.

About Meg

Meg Whalen studied illustration at the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design in Denver, CO and received

her Master’s Degree in Theology from the Augustine Institute in 2013. Her master’s thesis discussed the important role of the children’s book as a tool for the New Evangelization.

Having grown up in a family of art historians, she seeks to renew the use of art as a catechetical tool by incorporating into her illustrations imagery from the treasury of the Church’s sacred art, so that young children and their parents fall in love with the beauty of the Catholic faith. Meg is a full-time wife and mother, and she is the illustrator for the “Bernadette” series of Catholic children’s chapter books, as well as “The Mineral Maniacs” series.

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